About Mystura

Mystura is a fantasy web-comic series and a unique synthesis of irony, parody of current affairs and the style of the original setting of the world’s oldest fantasy role-playing game. It is, in fact, based on the role-playing experience of the authors using their retro-clone of the basic Dungeons and Dragons (Third Revised Edition, 1983-1986).
Mystura is first and foremost a product by role-players for role-players. But Mystura has a soft spot for anyone who still heeds the call of imagination, creativity and adventure that is usually so powerful only earlier in the life.
We like to think of Mystura as the immune carrier of that unique vein of nerd culture that cherishes seizing the moment and having fun, regardless of fashion, the prevailing social constraints and mainstream political correctness.

About Us:

Gabriele Masetti currently works and lives in California. He is one of those restless souls who move through life like he is in a race. He was an officer in the Army and taught at the undergraduate level. More importantly, he became a role-player when he was thirteen and never stopped. He loves history and fantasy tales.

Luca Zagli lives on a fortified hilltop dominating the valley of Florence. He likes to be ready in case of apocalypse. Like Gabriele, he was always restless and started role-playing early in life. His love for sequential art made the birth of project Mystura possible.

The list of people who participated to project Mystura is to long for us to dare to list them all without fear of error. None the less, our special thanks must necessarily go to Giulio Braccini – our unforgettable game master and instrumental in driving home the initial impetus of the project – as well as to Francesco Falci and Enrico Pacciani, fellow role-players who helped us giving birth to our characters.

About our illustrators

Matteo Tusa

Federico Gennari

Edoardo Natalini

Luca Salce

Alessandro Stinghi

Chris Fenoglio

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