InfasylInfasyl is the natural son of a leader of the Lahallary Elven Clan. The Lahallary call their home in the forests of the Marquisate of Galifianakos, a remote province of the Hantanys Empire. Although destined by a very rigid system of social constraints and taboos to embrace a life of perfect balance between the study of the arcane arts and military discipline, Infasyl is a restless and unconventional young elf with a clear and very personal idea of what his place in the world should be.

ElfrondylElfrondyl is the adopted stepbrother of Infasyl. Wary and meditative, he is everything Infasyl is not. He is incredibly versed in the study of knowledge and the arcane arts. He dreams of heralding a new era of progress based on a revolutionary way of using and sharing magical knowledge.

Stephan GottStephan Gott is a priest of the mysterious god Vulkan. His identity and features are hidden behind the black suit of full plate armor he never removes. He is on a quest on behalf of his people, a small civilization living in a remote island far off from Galifianakos.

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